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Welcome to “thefunkyplanet”

September 4, 2010

The purpose of these blogs are to promote and talent spot soulful, funky and jazzy related house & dance music. The styles and genrès we cater for are Soulful House & Dance, Funky House & Dance, Jazzy House & Dance, Gospel House & Dance, Latin House & Dance, Disco House & Dance, African House & Dance,  UK Funky House & Dance and Swing House & Dance. Within these genrés we intend to cater for not only the up to date sounds and new releases but also the rare underground sounds & recordings from the past which now stretch back many years and decades.

We will also be promoting artists, producers, musicians etc, their music and where to buy their music legally in an effort to support them & their fine works, DJs, promoters, events, other related websites, dancers & dancing to the music. We intend “thefunkyplanet” to be a fun, entertaining, engaging, educational, informative and imaginative activity based around Soulful, Funky & Jazzy related music which you will want to visit again and again. Welcome and enjoy “thefunkyplanet”.


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